3.3. API reference

Table of Contents
bind_prefix -- Binds a prefix on a IRC message to a given method
bind_query -- Binds a query (private) IRC message to a given method
bind_all -- Binds all input to a given method
bind_notice -- Binds a notice IRC message to a given method
bind_chan -- Binds an IRC message on a given channel to a given method
bind_onconnect -- When connected successful a bound method is called
bind_type -- Binds a message type from a defined list of types to a method
bind_timer -- Make a method be called with a given frequency
send_raw -- Semds a raw message to the IRC server
send_privmsg -- Sends a message to a channel or user (in query)
send_ctcp -- Sends a CTCP request to a channel or user
send_action -- Sends an action to a channel or user
send_notice -- Sends a notice to a channel or user
is_op -- Check if a user is op on a given channel
is_voice -- Check if a user is voice on a given channel
is_on_channel -- Checks if a user is on a given channel
mode -- Changes user/channel-mode
kick -- Kicks a user (or multiple) from a given channel
change_nick -- Changes the nick of the bot
topic -- Sets the topic for a given channel
join -- Make the bot join a channel
invite -- Invite a user to a given channel

Above is a list of all methods available in the module base class.