A modular service bot for IRC channels written in PHP

Table of contents
1. What is Wollabot? 2. Download 3. Manual 4. Support/Help 5. Credits
1. What is Wollabot?
Wollabot is a modular service bot for IRC channels. It's written entirely in PHP making it crossplatform and easy to customize. It's not supposed to be guarding channels and does not contain such functionality thus increasing performance for the tasks it is supposed to do. It comes bundled with a couple of modules eg. a PHP function prototype lookup and a Google lookup tool. Top
2. Download
The current version is 0.3.0 and may be downloaded from SourceForge: Download 0.3.0 - All versions If you want the development version of Wollabot you should use CVS to fetch the current development code: export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.wollabot.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wollabot cvs login cvs co wollabot When prompted for a password, just press enter. Top
4. Manual
The Manual is accessible right here in the following formats:
3. Support/Help
You should always read the manual first.

Here you are most likely to find the answers you need. If not, try pointing your IRC client to #wollabot @ QuakeNet (irc.quakenet.org). This is our official IRC channel. If you're not into IRC for some reason, you can also try our help forum at Sourceforge: Help forum Top
4. Credits
Christian Jørgensen (mail@phpguru.dk) http://razor.dk/ Lead developer Thomas Johansson (prencher@prencher.dk) http://prencher.dk/ Developer Top SourceForge Logo Copyright (C) Wollabot project, 2003. All rights reserved.